Think you can sell Your e-Business on your own?

These days, people believe they can do practically anything on their own by googling the internet. Fix their water heater? Check. Replace their roof? Check. Change spark plugs? Check. However, if you are an entrepreneur who is ready to buy or sell you’re an internet based business, you must contact a experienced broker to do the job for you.


Why? Because it makes sound business sense, and letting the professionals do their job is the best way for you to make money.


A savvy ecommerce business broker will have years (and decades) of experience behind them, they will also have satisfied clients (who are willing to share their positive reviews on their site), as well as a long list of productive and valuable services that traditional business brokers do not have.


A professional business broker will meet with the entrepreneur for free and give them a free website valuation to start them in the process of making money and selling their site.




Don’t settle for anything less than:

  • A free website valuation
    •A free 24 hour consultation
    •Not taking a commission until your site has sold
    •Ability to provide, qualify and vet buyers and put all of the players in place
    •Brokers with specific Ecommerce backgrounds
    •Brokers that enlist of team of professionals that includes legal experts, CPAs, evaluation companies, escrow and other financial institutions
    •Ability to maximize your Ecommerce company to prepare it for its maximum potential for future sale
    •Ability to provide invaluable experience and consulting services
    •Development of an efficient exit strategy that works for all parties involved
    •Reduce overhead expenses so that the deal is maximized
    •Market the business with discretion and confidentiality
    •Troubleshoot any and all issues that arise
    •Provide invaluable deal and business consulting
    •Provide and translate all of the financial, legal and technical documents and getting all parties on board
    •Arranging third party vendors

When you are ready to sell your ecommerce business, contact our professional brokers, today. They can be reached at 1-800-251-1559 for a free 24-hour consultation and website valuation. Our team has 20 years of experience in the industry and a long list of glowing client testimonials that prove their solid reputation.